Welcome to my website! 


I am basically a Celtic fiddler with fingers in Old Time and Classical.  Right now I'm in a fiddle/cello duo called "StrathSpan" based in the Asheville area. We play mostly fun and elegant Scottish music. If you'd like to know more about StrathSpan please visit our Facebook page.


I've been in many bands over the years and my audio page reflects that. My music can be perky and fun as in the "Devil in the Kitchen" set (hear audio player at right). It can be meltingly lovely as in the waltz I wrote for my mom called "Gallant Lady".  It can begin as a stately pipe march and transform into a rousing jig as in "Atholl Highlanders".  It can be mysterious and haunting like the Irish air "Lagan Love".  It can make you tap your feet and want to get up and dance as in the "Put Me in a Box" set.  It can range from old timey (as in "Cold Frosty Morning") to jazzy (as in Jeremy Kittel's "Reel 2").  I like to think I play with sensitivity, as well as drive. For more tunes and information about them please visit my Audio page. 


I hope you enjoy my music.  Thanks for visiting!