Put Me in a Box Set

Nora Garver with Gaelwynd


This is a fun set of tunes that appears on track #7 of Gaelwynd's first CD, "Out on the Ocean".  It starts with "Put Me in a Box", a reel from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. "Box" refers to a wood coffin.  The second tune, "Nora's Trip to Westminster" was written by my friend Julie Gorka in honor of a trip I made to compete in The Westminster, VA Old Time Band Competition which we won (even though we were playing all Scottish tunes!).  The 3rd tune, "Growling Old Man and Woman", is a fun contra dance reel.  It's name refers to an elderly couple having an argument.  The first part of the tune is played on the lowest strings of the fiddle and represents an old man growling at his wife.  The last part of the tune is played on the highest strings and represents an old woman complaining back at him.  Rhiannon Giddens is also playing fiddle with me throughout the set and you'll hear our twin fiddle solos here and there.