Reel 2

Nora Garver with Belles on Strings
September 2015
Jeremy Kittel


I was attending the Swannanoa Gathering the summer of 2014 and taking an advanced Scottish fiddle class with Jeremy Kittel (who is, by the way, a fabulous teacher!).  Jeremy is one of the hottest young fiddlers out there, mastering many styles including classical, and jazz, but I remember him from his early days when he was handily winning National Scottish Fiddle Championships.  He taught our class this tune that he had just written.  It had both a Celtic and a jazz feel and I loved it.  I caught him after class and asked for his permission to record the tune.  He said yes and I took it back to Belles on Strings to arrange for harp, cello and fiddle.  My band mates did an excellent job of capturing the energetic and jazzy feel of Reel 2.  Here is a clip of the track which plays the fast part of Reel 2 (track 13 on "Out of the Wood").  If you listen to the whole track you will hear the first part of the track where we play it slowly and lyrically.  Then we kick it up into the rhythmic, faster version with percussion that you hear in this clip. Thank you Jeremy for this fabulous tune!