1. Lagan Love

From the recording Lagan Love

<p>This Irish air was taught to me by Killian Robinson, a fine whistle and pipe player from Dublin. &nbsp;The first time I heard him play it the haunting melody spoke to me. &nbsp;This tune appears on "Over the Whistle and Through the Strings" by Immigrant's Daughter. It was recorded in an hour at the very end of all our recording. I hadn't intended to put it on the CD, but as an afterthought I asked Robert Kirk, our recording engineer, if he had an organ in his studio. &nbsp;He did! &nbsp;He taped down two keys to create a continuous drone. &nbsp;I played Lagan Love with the drone in the background and it sounded very mysterious. &nbsp;Ann Borden, just kidding around, started making spooky wind noises. &nbsp;I thought it sounded so realistic that I asked her to record them. &nbsp;Also, if you listen closely, you can hear something in the background of the recording that sounds like distant bagpipes. &nbsp;This comes from me doing a second take and recording over another track that had the volume turned completely down, yet there is still a small leakage of sound from it. &nbsp;Robert Kirk took Ann's wind, and my two recorded tracks and worked his sound engineer magic on it all, coming up with a very moody and mystical mix. &nbsp;It was so good we decided to add it to the CD as the final track.</p>