From the recording Put Me in a Box Set

<p>This is a fun set of tunes that appears on track #7 of Gaelwynd's first CD, "Out on the Ocean". &nbsp;It starts with "Put Me in a Box", a reel from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. "Box" refers to a wood coffin. &nbsp;The second tune, "Nora's Trip to Westminster" was written by my friend Julie Gorka in honor of a trip I made to compete in The Westminster, VA Old Time Band Competition which we won (even though we were playing all Scottish tunes!). &nbsp;The 3rd tune, "Growling Old Man and Woman", is a fun contra dance reel. &nbsp;It's name refers to an elderly couple having an argument. &nbsp;The first part of the tune is played on the lowest strings of the fiddle and represents an old man growling at his wife. &nbsp;The last part of the tune is played on the highest strings and represents an old woman complaining back at him. &nbsp;Rhiannon Giddens is also playing fiddle with me throughout the set and you'll hear our twin fiddle solos here and there.</p>